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The Conture®MED 2000 device for pigmentation has unsurpassed hygienic quality confirmed by many physicians and medical professionals. Our devices are tested by certified technicians at our headquarters in Germany every 500 hours of operation to ensure optimum functionality.
pigmentation colors are not only medically tested and certified, each individual bottle of pigment is labeled with a charge number which is noted every time that specific bottle is used for pigmentation to maintain high quality control standards.

For perfecting our Conture® Make-up method, LONG-TIME-LINER® continues to take every effort for research and development of our pigmentation device. Since the introduction of the ultra-fine pigmentation device 20 years ago, it has changed drastically for the better. We manufactured our professional ultra-fine pigmentation Conture®-Liner Duo device in order to improve on our previous, first generation LONG-TIME-LINER® model, second generation LONG-TIME-LINER® Turbo model and the Conture® MED 2000. Compared to those previous models, the new Conture®-Liner Duo device incorporates more know-how and a wider range of applications including two liner pens for a seamless and time effective procedure. The Conture®-Liner Duo is not only highest-quality device, but is also of unsurpassed hygienic quality confirmed by many physicians and medical professionals.

Our pigment colors are anti-allergy tested, antiseptic, inorganical, mineral origin and MRI exam safe. Only the Conture® 2000 Colors are manufactured in accordance with the EU-Rules 93/04 EWG as medical products. The investigations by European Inspection Authority (TÜV) have been executed by means of REM/EDX Analysis and Gas chromatography and our pigment colors are certified and registered in conformity with the EU-Rules 93/04 EWG for Medical Products since June 1998 as inactive implants.
Permanent Makeup Price list
Complete Eyebrows $600  
Touch up  $150 12 to 18months
 18months to 24months $250
 24month to 30months $450

Complete Eyeliner Upper and Lower $600 
Touch up $200 for upper & lower at the same time up to 18months
After 18months to 24months $300
After 24months to 30months $400

Eyeliner Upper  only $300   Touch up $150
Eyeliner Lower only $200   Touch up $80
Eyeliner Extra Thick add $150   Touch up  $120

Lips Full Color $800  
Touch up  $250 12months to 18months
 18months to 24months $350
 24months to 30months $500

Lips Highlight  $150    Touch up  $80
Lip Enlargement  $200   Touch up  $100
Beauty Mark  $100  Touch up  $50
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