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Over 20 years ago in Germany, the concept and design of


® began in Munich by renowned perfumist Waltraud Kuffner. With the collaboration of doctors, cosmetologists, make-up artists and technicians,


developed the Conture® Makeup Method for a gentle and safe micropigmentation.


is the world’s leading provider in long-lasting makeup technology for Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips. Our technicians, Linergists®, require intensive training and immense skill to be certified to use our method, device and pigmentation colours to ensure the finest level of semi-permanent pigmentation.


Conture® Makeup services are conducted with completely disinfected and sterilized equipment and a one-time-use needle. The medically regulated color is pigmented into the first layer of the skin, the Epidermis, where it lasts anywhere from 1-3 years more or less depending on the individual's skin regeneration. Conture® Make-up can be touched up to refresh the design, reshaped, replaced with different colors or left to fade.

The special ingredients for a beautiful natural look are in LONG-TIME-LINER® Conture® Makeup, a recipe of beauty with regard to the most diverse of contours. It is not only about highlighting and enhancing natural beauty but also concealing problem areas in the skin´s natural pigment.

Since 1987 Conture® Makeup has been applied to thousands of satisfied clients that agree: applying make up every morning is a thing of the past. Our Conture® Makeup method guarantees precision, perfection and style- morning, noon and night.

Eyebrows can be uneven or sparse as a result of repeated tweezing and Conture® Make-up is the perfect solution. Eyebrow contouring defines facial features by bringing balance to the face. The arch of your brow expresses your mood and with the perfect arch your brows can even make you look younger. First a suitable colored make up pencil is chosen to outline your eyebrows. After you approve the arch and outline, your Linergist® delicately creates the appearance of fine hair with the corresponding pigmentation. You'll wake up with the perfect arch every morning!

To achieveFlawless lipcontours and stop lipstick from bleeding try Conture® Makeup. Your Linergist ® carefully selects a personalized color from our palette ranging from natural lip shades to current fashion colors that compliment your natural skin tone and fulfill your requests. Next, your lips are outlined with the pigmentation, and then with our "Full-Lip-Shading" technique we blend the color onto two-thirds of your lips to give you a perfect pout! Once completed, you will have perfectly applied constant lip color and vivid lip contours. You'll never have to apply lipstick again even after eating, exercising or kissing! 

Conture® Makeup presents smudge-free eyelinereven after exercising, swimming, and every day activities! Conture® Make-up eyeliner is ideal if you wear contacts, are visually impaired or simply just want to save time. Your eyelashes will appear thicker and fuller to create beautifully defined eyes!

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